Subway Sri Lanka Menu Prices

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Subway is an international fast-food franchise chain that has expanded to over 100 countries. Sri Lanka is no exception, with several Subway restaurants offering a wide variety of sandwiches, salads, and sides to satisfy the taste buds of its customers.

Why is Subway so popular in Sri Lanka? What makes the brand successful in a country where the culinary culture is so diverse and rich? In this article, we will explore the reputation and popularity of Subway in Sri Lanka and analyze some of the factors that have contributed to its success in the country.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Subway menu prices (Sri Lanka).

අයිතමය මිල

Picked For You

6" Smoked Chicken ₨383.33
Smokey BBQ Footlong ₨953.42
Smoked Chicken Footlong ₨727.35
Veggie Patty Footlong ₨953.42
Smoked Chicken, Egg, and Cheese Footlong ₨727.35

6-inch Double Deal

6" Teriyaki Chicken ₨720.00

2 Subs & 2 Drinks Deal

6-inch Smoked Chicken ₨800.00
6-inch Teriyaki Chicken ₨800.00
6-inch Mexican Chilli Chicken ₨800.00
6-inch Deviled Chicken ₨800.00
6-inch Egg and Cheese ₨800.00
6-inch Tandoori Chicken ₨800.00

6" Inch Submarine

6" Smoked Chicken, Egg, and Cheese ₨383.33
6" Veggie Delite (6" Inch Submarine) ₨383.33
6" Devilled Chicken (6" Inch Submarine) ₨589.74
6" Smoked Chicken (6" Inch Submarine) ₨383.33
6" Mexican Chilli Chicken (6" Inch Submarine) ₨461.97
6" Veggie Patty (6" Inch Submarine) ₨560.26
6" Tandoori Chicken (6" Inch Submarine) ₨560.26
6" Smokey BBQ (6" Inch Submarine) ₨560.26
6" Beef Meatball Marinara ₨589.74

6 inch Submarines

6" Smoked Chicken (6 inch Submarines) ₨383.33
6" Veggie Delite ₨383.33
6" Black Pepper Chicken ₨461.97
6" Egg and Cheese ₨383.33
6" Devilled Chicken ₨589.74
6" Western Egg and Cheese ₨383.33
6" Spicy Pizza ₨461.97
6" Roast Beef ₨461.97
6" Italian BMT ₨461.97
6" Mexican Chilli Chicken ₨461.97
6" Subway Club ₨560.26
6" Veggie Patty ₨560.26
6" Tandoori Chicken ₨560.26
6" Smokey BBQ ₨560.26
6" Roasted Chicken ₨560.26
6" Tuna ₨589.74
6" Chicken Teriyaki ₨589.74
6" Meatball Marinara ₨589.74
6" Turkey ₨589.74

Footlong Submarine

Smoked Chicken, Egg, and Cheese Footlong (Footlong Submarine) ₨727.35
Egg and Cheese Footlong ₨727.35
Veggie Delite Footlong ₨727.35
Western Egg and Cheese Footlong ₨727.35
Smoked Chicken Footlong (Footlong Submarine) ₨727.35
Spicy Pizza Footlong ₨855.13
Black Pepper Chicken Footlong ₨855.13
Roast Beef Footlong ₨855.13
Italian BMT Footlong ₨855.13
Mexican Chilli Chicken Footlong ₨855.13
Subway Club Footlong ₨953.42
Veggie Patty Footlong (Footlong Submarine) ₨953.42
Tandoori Chicken Footlong ₨953.42
Smokey BBQ Footlong (Footlong Submarine) ₨953.42
Roasted Chicken Footlong ₨953.42
Devilled Chicken Footlong ₨1,032.05
Tuna Footlong ₨1,032.05
Chicken Teriyaki Footlong ₨1,032.05
Meatball Marinara Footlong ₨1,032.05
Beef Meatball Marinara Footlong ₨1,032.05
Turkey Footlong ₨1,032.05


Smoked Chicken, Egg, and Cheese Salad ₨589.74
Egg and Cheese Salad ₨589.74
Veggie Delite Salad ₨589.74
Western Egg and Cheese Salad ₨589.74
Smoked Chicken Salad ₨589.74
Spicy Pizza Salad ₨638.89
Black Pepper Chicken Salad ₨638.89
Roast Beef Salad ₨638.89
Italian BMT Salad ₨638.89
Mexican Chilli Chicken Salad ₨638.89
Subway Club Salad ₨737.18
Veggie Patty Salad ₨737.18
Tandoori Chicken Salad ₨737.18
Smokey BBQ Salad ₨737.18
Roasted Chicken Salad ₨737.18
Devilled Chicken Salad ₨786.32
Tuna Salad ₨786.32
Chicken Teriyaki Salad ₨786.32
Meatball Marinara Salad ₨786.32
Beef Meatball Marinara Salad ₨786.32
Turkey Salad ₨786.32


Smoked Chicken, Egg, and Cheese Wrap ₨383.33
Egg and Cheese Wrap ₨383.33
Veggie Delite Wrap ₨383.33
Western Egg and Cheese Wrap ₨383.33
Smoked Chicken Wrap ₨383.33
Spicy Pizza Wrap ₨461.97
Black Pepper Chicken Wrap ₨461.97
Roast Beef Wrap ₨461.97
Italian BMT Wrap ₨461.97
Mexican Chilli Chicken Wrap ₨461.97
Subway Club Wrap ₨560.26
Veggie Patty Wrap ₨560.26
Tandoori Chicken Wrap ₨560.26
Smokey BBQ Wrap ₨560.26
Roasted Chicken Wrap ₨560.26
Devilled Chicken Wrap ₨589.74
Tuna Wrap ₨589.74
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap ₨589.74
Beef Meatball Marinara Wrap ₨589.74
Meatball Marinara Wrap ₨589.74
Turkey Wrap ₨589.74


Rancrisp Chips ₨98.29
Cinnamon Roll ₨176.92
Cheese Veg Toasty ₨162.18
Smoked Chicken Toasty ₨162.18
Beef Pepperoni Toasty ₨162.18


Cookie ₨98.29


Pepsi Black ₨137.61
Pepsi ₨137.61
Mirinda ₨137.61
7 Up ₨137.61
Aquafina Water (500 ml) ₨98.29

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A Global Brand with Local Presence

Subway has gained popularity in Sri Lanka by adapting to the needs and preferences of local consumers. Although the brand is known worldwide for its fresh and customizable taste, Subway has customized its offerings to meet the taste of Sri Lankan consumers.

For example, in Sri Lanka, Subway has introduced ingredients that are popular in local cuisine, such as the Sri Lankan chicken curry and the Pol Sambol, a spicy coconut relish. These local adaptations have allowed Subway to attract a wider and more diverse customer base in the country.

A Focus on Quality and Freshness

Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of Subway in Sri Lanka is its focus on the quality and freshness of its ingredients. Subway prides itself on using fresh and high-quality ingredients in the preparation of its sandwiches and salads, which has earned the trust and loyalty of Sri Lankan consumers.

Moreover, Subway has implemented strict food safety measures to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and safe for consumption. This has been particularly important in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, where food safety has become a priority for consumers around the world.

A Customizable Experience for Each Customer

A unique aspect of Subway is its focus on personalizing sandwiches and salads to meet the individual tastes of each customer. Consumers can choose from a variety of breads, proteins, vegetables, and sauces to create a sandwich or salad that suits their personal preferences.

This customizable experience has been very appealing to Sri Lankan consumers, who enjoy the freedom of creating a sandwich or salad that suits their individual taste. Furthermore, personalization has also allowed Subway to attract a wider customer base, including those with specific dietary needs or food restrictions.


Subway has managed to establish itself as a popular and trusted brand in Sri Lanka by adapting to the needs and preferences of local consumers, focusing on quality and freshness, and providing a customizable experience for each customer.

To find out more about Subway Sri Lanka, visit their official website at Subway.