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Subway, the world-renowned sandwich giant, has become a household name in Ireland over the past few years. The chain has rapidly expanded its footprint in the country, with over 160 stores spread across the country. Subway’s unique blend of fresh ingredients, healthy menu options, and customizable sandwiches has resonated well with Irish consumers. In this article, we will explore the rise of Subway in Ireland, the factors contributing to its popularity, and the challenges and opportunities facing the chain in the future.

Here is a list of latest and up-to-date Subway menu prices (Ireland).

Item Price


Chocolate Chunk Cookie €1.38
Vegan Double Choc Cookie €1.39
Double Chocolate Cookie €1.32
Rainbow Candy Chip Cookie €1.41
White Chip Macadamia Nut €1.33
12 Cookies €8.76
3x Rainbow Candy Chip Cookies €2.83
3x Chocolate Chunk Cookies €2.81
3x Double Chocolate Cookies €2.78


BEAR Yoyo €1.35
Cadbury’s Caramel Muffin €2.45

Hot Sides

Pepperoni Slice €2.64
Hash Browns - 6 pieces €1.54
Hash Browns - 9 pieces €2.21
Bowl of Meatballs €2.80
Nacho Chicken Bites - 4 pieces €2.86
Nacho Chicken Bites - 6 pieces €4.08
Nacho Chicken Bites - 9 pieces €5.32
DORITOS Steak Loaded Nachos €5.30
Side Salad €1.84
DORITOS FLAMIN' HOT Sharer Nachos for 2 €5.07


Dips €0.49


Doritos Tangy Cheese €1.20
Walkers Ready Salted €1.21
DORITOS Chilli Heatwave €1.51
Walkers Cheese & Onion €1.21
DORITOS Cool Original €1.49
Quavers Cheese €1.45
Sunbites Sweet Chilli €1.38
Walkers Oven Baked Cheese and Onion €1.54
Walkers Salt and Vinegar €1.51
Walkers Prawn Cocktail €1.51

Bottled Drinks

Pepsi Max 500ml €2.84
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml €2.84
Robinson’s Refresh’d Raspberry and Apple 500ml €2.89
7Up Free 500ml €2.81
Tropicana Orange Juice 250ml €2.91
Club Orange 500ml €2.88
Club Zero Orange 500ml €2.84
Pepsi Diet 500ml €2.93
Club Zero Lemon 500ml €2.81
Ballygowan Still Water 500ml €2.60
Ballygowan Sparkling Water 500ml €2.61
Jude’s Chocolate Milkshake €3.61
Pepsi Max 2lt €3.89
Jude's Flat White Iced Coffee €3.61

Create your own Wrap

Big Beef €5.54
Italian B.M.T. €5.99
Steak and Cheese €7.08
Buffalo Chicken €6.66
Meatball Marinara €6.33
Chicken Tikka €6.33
Tuna €6.10
Chicken and Bacon €7.38
Chicken Teriyaki €7.01
Ham €4.96
Roast Chicken Breast €6.03
Nacho Chicken €6.03
Spicy Italian €6.06
Turkey Breast and Ham €6.22
Turkey Breast €5.24
Mega Meat €7.24
Brie €5.26

What’s New?

Cheesy Bites - 5 pieces €2.91
Cheesy Bites - 12 pieces €5.49

Meal Deals

Large Meal Deal for 1 €12.28
Small Meal Deal for 1 €9.79

Hot Signature Wraps

Hot Signature Wrap - Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese €8.96
Hot Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Bacon €7.96

6-inch Toasted/Hot Subs

6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken €5.76
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Italian B.M.T.® €4.70
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Meatball Marinara €5.22
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Tuna €5.14
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Italian €4.59
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Steak & Cheese €6.15
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Teriyaki €5.84
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Subway Melt™ €5.55
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Bacon Melt €6.15
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Pizziola €5.95
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Tikka €5.14
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ham €4.58
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast €4.58
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Breast €5.27
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham €4.88
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Delite® €4.26
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.® €5.70
6-inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara €6.30
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - BBQ Chicken Pizza €4.98
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Pepperoni Pizza €4.36
6-Inch Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Supreme Pizza Sub €3.74

6-inch Cold Subs

6-inch Cold Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken €5.76
6-inch Cold Sub - Italian B.M.T.® €4.70
6-inch Cold Sub - Tuna €5.14
6-inch Cold Sub - Spicy Italian €4.59
6-inch Cold Sub - Steak & Cheese €6.15
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Teriyaki €5.84
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Pizziola €5.95
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Tikka €5.14
6-inch Cold Sub - Ham €4.57
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Breast €4.58
6-inch Cold Sub - Chicken Breast €5.27
6-inch Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham €4.88
6-inch Cold Sub - Veggie Delite® €4.26

Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs

Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Italian B.M.T.® €7.64
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - BBQ Chicken Pizza €7.46
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Meatball Marinara €8.16
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Tuna €8.08
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ham €7.53
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Tikka €8.07
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Spicy Italian €7.53
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Steak & Cheese €9.09
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Teriyaki €8.78
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Subway Melt™ €8.50
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken & Bacon Melt €9.09
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Pizziola €8.89
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast €7.53
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Chicken Breast €8.22
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham €7.84
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Veggie Delite® €7.21
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Italian B.M.T.® €9.59
Footlong Toasted/Hot Sub - Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread Meatball Marinara €10.16
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - Spicy Pepperoni Pizza €6.86
Footlong Toasted/Hot Subs - Veggie Supreme Pizza Sub €6.24

Footlong Cold Subs

Footlong Cold Sub - Rotisserie-Style Chicken €8.76
Footlong Cold Sub - Italian B.M.T.® €7.64
Footlong Cold Sub - Tuna €8.08
Footlong Cold Sub - Spicy Italian €7.53
Footlong Cold Sub - Steak & Cheese €9.09
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Teriyaki €8.78
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Pizziola €8.89
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Tikka €8.07
Footlong Cold Sub - Ham €7.52
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Breast €7.52
Footlong Cold Sub - Chicken Breast €8.20
Footlong Cold Sub - Turkey Breast & Ham €7.83
Footlong Cold Sub - Veggie Delite® €7.21

Cold Signature Wraps

Cold Signature Wrap - Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese €8.96
Cold Signature Wrap - BBQ Chicken & Bacon €7.96

Hot Salad Bowls

Hot Salad Bowl - Rotisserie-Style Chicken €5.94
Hot Salad Bowl - Italian B.M.T.® €4.94
Hot Salad Bowl - Meatball Marinara €5.47
Hot Salad Bowl - Tuna €5.39
Hot Salad Bowl - Spicy Italian €4.79
Hot Salad Bowl - Steak & Cheese €6.42
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Teriyaki €6.10
Hot Salad Bowl - Subway Melt™ €5.93
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken & Bacon Melt €6.42
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Pizziola €6.23
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Tikka €5.39
Hot Salad Bowl - Ham €4.79
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast €4.79
Hot Salad Bowl - Chicken Breast €5.55
Hot Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Ham €5.07
Hot Salad Bowl - Veggie Delite® €4.48
Hot Salad Bowl - Thai Chicken Salad €5.40

Cold Salad Bowls

Cold Salad Bowl - Rotisserie-Style Chicken €5.94
Cold Salad Bowl - Italian B.M.T.® €4.94
Cold Salad Bowl - Tuna €5.39
Cold Salad Bowl - Spicy Italian €4.79
Cold Salad Bowl - Steak & Cheese €6.42
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Teriyaki €6.10
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Pizziola €6.23
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Tikka €5.39
Cold Salad Bowl - Ham €4.79
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast €4.79
Cold Salad Bowl - Chicken Breast €5.55
Cold Salad Bowl - Turkey Breast & Ham €5.07
Cold Salad Bowl - Veggie Delite® €4.48
Cold Salad Bowl - Thai Chicken Salad €5.40
Cold Salad Bowl - Tuna Niçoise Salad €6.08

Platter Subs

Classic Platter €29.54
Vegan Platter €24.62
Lite Platter €29.54
Meat Feast Platter €29.54

Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak

Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Chicken Breast €4.96
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Ham €4.91
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Turkey Breast €4.96
Toasted/Hot Kids' Pak - Veggie Delite® €4.91

Cold Kids' Pak

Cold Kids' Pak - Chicken Breast €4.92
Cold Kids' Pak - Ham €4.86
Cold Kids' Pak - Turkey Breast €4.92
Cold Kids' Pak - Veggie Delite® €4.86


Pepsi Max €2.18
Pepsi Max Cherry €2.18
Club Orange Zero €2.22
Mountain Dew Sugar Free €2.18
7 Up Free €2.17
Tropicana Orange Juice €2.18
Robinsons My-5 Blackcurrant €1.86
Princes Gate Water €1.86


1 Cookie €0.99
3 Cookies €2.23
Bear Yo Yo €1.50
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The Rise of Subway in Ireland: Factors Contributing to Its Popularity

One of the primary reasons for Subway’s success in Ireland is its focus on healthy eating. The chain has been at the forefront of the healthy eating trend, offering a wide range of low-fat and low-calorie options. This has resonated with Irish consumers who are becoming increasingly health-conscious. Additionally, Subway’s sandwiches are customizable, which allows customers to create a sandwich that fits their specific dietary needs.

Another factor contributing to Subway’s popularity in Ireland is its affordability. The chain’s pricing is competitive, and its meal deals offer great value for money. This has made Subway an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers who want to eat healthy food without breaking the bank.

Subway’s success in Ireland can also be attributed to its franchise model. The chain has partnered with local entrepreneurs to open stores throughout the country. This has allowed the chain to quickly expand its footprint while also supporting local businesses. Additionally, Subway has invested heavily in marketing, leveraging social media and other digital channels to reach a wider audience.

The Future of Subway in Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities

Despite Subway’s growing popularity in Ireland, the chain faces several challenges. One of the main challenges is the increasing competition in the fast-food industry. The entry of new players, such as Five Guys and Shake Shack, has intensified the competition for market share. Subway will need to continue innovating its menu and marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

Another challenge facing Subway in Ireland is changing consumer preferences. While healthy eating remains a priority for many Irish consumers, there is also a growing demand for plant-based and vegan options. Subway will need to adapt its menu to cater to these changing preferences and stay relevant.

Despite these challenges, Subway has several opportunities to grow its business in Ireland. The chain can leverage its brand recognition and reputation for healthy eating to expand into new markets. Additionally, Subway can explore new product lines, such as breakfast options, to increase revenue and attract new customers.


In conclusion, Subway has become a popular fast-food chain in Ireland due to its focus on healthy eating, affordability, franchise model, and marketing efforts. However, the chain faces challenges such as increasing competition and changing consumer preferences. By adapting its menu and marketing strategies and exploring new opportunities, Subway can continue to grow its business in Ireland and maintain its reputation as a healthy and affordable sandwich giant.

To find out more about Subway, visit their official website at Subway homepage.